Q. What are preserved flowers?

A. These are fresh flowers that have been preserved so that they will not wither. They do not require watering and can be enjoyed beautifully for many years as long as they are kept out of the sun.

Q: How is it processed? Are the colors real or dyed?

A. At the appropriate time, the water in the flower is replaced with a preservation solution. At the same time, dye is added.

Q. How long does it take to manufacture?

A. The procedure varies depending on the farm's techniques and methods, but it takes about 3 days to a week to go from fresh flowers to preserved flowers.

Q.Is the flower alive or dead?

A. Preserved flowers breathe, so if they are in an enclosed area, the glass may fog up. Also, some preserved flowers, such as moss, grow slightly. It is difficult to answer whether they are alive or dead, but I would think it is rather alive. It is like they can stay 18 forever.

Q. Is watering necessary?

A. Not necessary. Watering will damage the flowers, so please be aware of it.

Q. How many years will it last?

A. Depending on the environment, it can be enjoyed in a beautiful condition for about 1 to 20 years.

Q. Is it necessary to take care of it?

A. Preserved flowers do not change in a few days like fresh flowers, so basically no care is required. If one thing to be mentioned, they may get dusty like other interior decorations, so please remove it gently with an air duster or a soft brush.

Q: Will the color fade?

It depends on the environment and the original color of the flower. Please be careful not to expose them to strong light.

Q. Where did the preserved flowers originate?

A. The preservation processing technique originated in France several decades ago. It seems that it did not become so popular in France because it requires a lot of manual work, such as wiring, to be enjoyed as an arrangement. Preserved flowers have actually been enjoyed and become popular about 25 years ago in Japan, where traditional Japanese flower arrangement has always been enjoyed.

Q. How many owners are there? Are they male or female?

A. It is a Japanese male, and almost all of GINZA SOBI FLOWERS' designs are created with the owner's inspiration.

Q: Is it a Japanese company?

A. It is a Japanese company. In order to maintain our quality, everything from design to production is done in-house.

Q.Is delivery available?

A. Regulations regarding the import of plants vary from country to country, but please be assured that we have been shipping overseas for over 15 years of packaging experiences.

Care Instructions

・Do not water the roses. Water is not required.
・Avoid extremely humid environments and exposure to direct sunlight.
・Avoid direct contact with fabrics or walls.
・Do not consume the flowers.