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GINZA SOBI FLOWERS is a preserved flower brand established in Tokyo in 1994. Since its establishment, its uniquely designed and arranged preserved flowers have been chosen by many people as gifts for loved ones and as interior decorations to brighten up their daily lives.

The main store is located in Ginza, one of Tokyo's most prestigious districts home to many luxury brands’ flagship stores, and we also showcase our products at the most prestigious department stores and special exhibition sales events. Our brand's iconic red rose arrangement is both elegant and glamorous, and has been loved around the world for many years.

In addition to a wide variety of designs and arrangements, we also offer custom-made preserved flower arrangements, providing one-of-a-kind arrangements tailored to your needs.


The brand was started with the vision to “Create a Memorable Celebration”.

SOBI FLOWERS began when Kiyoshi Omoto, the founder of SOBI FLOWERS, ran a confectionery store. As many customers bought his confectionery to celebrate birthdays and special occasions, the founder came up with an idea to offer his confectionery along with flowers to make it a memorable event or a surprise. With this vision in his mind, he began to study flowers. However, it was difficult to handle fresh flowers in a confectionery store because they are prone to insects, and he spent several years trying to figure out how to handle fresh, clean flowers. Then one day, he came across an article in the newspaper about preserved flowers born in France. He immediately contacted a French manufacturer, which paved the way for him to start his own brand of preserved flowers.

From European Style to "Japanese" Style Delicate and sophisticated floral arrangements that are uniquely Japanese

Since the mid-2000s, preserved flowers have become widely recognized in Japan, and SOBI FLOWERS products have been sold in many flower shops in Japan. Since 2010, SOBI FLOWERS has attended major overseas exhibitions in New York and Paris, and preserved flowers of SOBI FLOWERS are now recognized worldwide.

The arrangements created by SOBI FLOWERS artisans are known for their high degree of perfection and delicate expression. In addition to European-style designs, SOBI FLOWERS also offers Zen-inspired motifs and arrangements modeled after Japanese gardens, attracting attention for our unique worldview that evokes a sense of "Wa~harmony~“. These arrangements are possible only with preserved flowers, and their beauty can be enjoyed for many years.

Combination of Floral Arrangement and Furniture An unprecedented way to enjoy flowers

In addition, inspired by a meeting with a New York five-star hotel owner, we have developed new furniture designs that fuse preserved flowers and furniture in a way that has never existed before, such as the "table with embedded flowers" which is now our flagship product. We are proposing a way to enjoy flowers in a way that has never existed in the market before.

Loved in Luxurious Places

In Japan, there are many requests for SOBI FLOWER's arrangements, and we have been invited to special exhibition sales events at the most renowned department stores in Japan (Isetan Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Tobu Department Store, Daimaru Matsuzakaya, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, etc.), where our arrangements are enjoyed by many visitors. The feedback we receive from the many wonderful customers we meet is very helpful and inspires us in the development of our arrangements. Above all, it is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to encounter the smiles of our customers.Inside our Ginza showroom, under the theme of "Life with Flowers," we offer not only preserved flowers, but also single-piece tables made of solid wood and many high-quality chairs to match.Our products have been featured in many media, have appeared on TV, and also have been used in TV dramas. In addition, our products have been chosen as reward products for department stores and credit card companies, and have gracefully colored the daily lives of many people.

Our Vision

We want to bring smiles to our customers' faces and make their wishes come true in realizing the lifestyle they have always wanted. Our first priority is to realize the customer’s final image as much as possible so that we can realize your requests that no other florists or interior design stores may be able to bring into realization. If there is something you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with your ideal picture.


At GINZA SOBI FLOWERS, our expert designers create each arrangement by hand to maximize the beauty of preserved flowers to please our customers. Most preserved flowers can only be preserved when they are about fifth bloom. Therefore, our designers arrange each flower one by one so that the most beautiful state can be enjoyed with various expressions depending on the state of bloom, such as full bloom or eighth bloom. There are none that are the same. In order to keep its high-quality and luxurious atmosphere, the arrangements are made using real materials, and any use of artificial flowers are avoided as much as possible. Another highlight is that the state of the flowers and its expressions slowly changes along with the changes in the outside atmosphere, such as humidity and dryness. Please enjoy the arrangement with real materials over a long period of time.



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代表 尾本 潔
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